For those of you who live in Honolulu, or just love fresh fruits and veggies, THERE IS A NEW FARMERS MARKET IN TOWN!!!! The Kaka'ako Farmer's Market is located in Ward Warehouse, on Saturday mornings 8-12 noon. 

At CFO, we are very interested in buying local, fresh foods, so we decided to go check out this new market! This market is very convenient since it is on Saturday mornings and really seems like its the perfect size. It's not too big, but not too small. They have many vendors of fruits and veggies, smoked fish, GRASS-FED BEEF, local eggs, and local restaurant vendors. 

Follow us as we interview and learn about some awesome vendors!


Ma'o Farms is a very special farm located in Wai'anae, Hawaii. Ma'o farms provides full college scholarships in exchange for the young adults to work on the farm. They have awesome programs to build, nurture, and educate Wai'anae's youth. (CLICK HERE to read more!!) By attending the farmer's market and purchasing fresh, organic (not to mention delicious) greens from Ma'o Farms, you are doing much more than just buying vegetables! You are helping young adults get educated and supporting local non-profits!


The Littlest Co-op was started by a little boy named Leo as an idea to raise enough money to buy himself a toy. From there, he has realized how he can help raise awareness and education on building a sustainable future! Look for them at the Kaka'ako Farmer's Market, and visit their Facebook page HERE.

Circle "C" Ranch & Hay Company

This is an awesome place to get LOCAL, GRASS-FED beef! The Farmer's Markets you can find them at are:
WEDNESDAYS: Mililani Tech Park ASB Parking Lot 9-1:30pm.
THURSDAYS: Kapolei High School 3-6:30pm.
SATURDAYS: Kaka'ako Farmer's Market 8-12 noon
SUNDAYS: Kailua Elementary 9-1pm.


87-1155 Iliili Road Waianae, HI 96792

Phone: (808) 668- 9130
Cell: (808) 284-2922
Fax: (808) 668-6050


This farm is all organic and great for GRASS-FED meats, veggies, fruits, goat cheese, and honey! Incase you missed their Farmer's Market days and locations:

SUNDAYS: Kailua Elementary & Winward Mall
WEDNESDAYS: Kaneohe Mall
THURSDAYS: Waimea Valley
SATURDAYS: Pearl Ridge & Kaka'ako
Coming soon- KCC Market!!

To find out more about this farm, CLICK HERE!

By just taking a few minutes to talk to these vendors, we learned so much. Each farm is very unique and does all they can to support the community around them! Next time you are at the Farmer's Market, try to get to know some of your local vendors!! They have amazing stories behind their food. And next time you are up early on Saturday, head down to Kaka'ako Farmer's Market, you won't regret it!! 


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