Meet Crystal, one of the “Spring Cleaning” 2013 Graduates! In 45 days, she lost 10 pounds and 6.25 inches from her chest, waist and hips! The Challenge helped Crystal go even deeper in her pathway to health, and helped her learn to enjoy cooking and preparing meals!

Sean C. Just recently finished the Fall 2013 Nutrition Challenge. After finally facing the truth about being overweight and having a horrible diet, Sean joined CFO and his life has been changed! With the help of the CFO Coaches, and the nutrition challenge, Sean has completely turned around his lifestyle!

Meet Jen and Tripp, two hardworking parents who have recently had to switch their son to eating gluten free. While they were used to fast-food and cravings of sugar, the challenge has helped them push past these cravings and realize their true potential as well as the importance of real food to fuel their bodies!