With the increasing amount of Farmer’s Markets rising in the area, it is important to know that no two are alike! There are many things to consider when going to a farmer’s market such as what kind of food do you want? Do you want to eat a meal there? Small market vs. big market, price range, do you want just food, or also flowers, coffee, soaps, etc? Do you want to go on a Weekday, or weekend? Morning or night? We know that going to a Farmer’s Market can provide us with fresh, local, cheap produce, but how do we know which one to go to? If you live in Honolulu, the options are endless! Here is a list of some of the top Farmer’s Markets in the area and what they provide:

Saturday, October 26 Crossfit members and nutrition challengers got to experience a tour of Tin Roof Ranch, a beautiful, organic farm located on the North Shore. The farm is the only Ranch on Oahu that sells organic, pasture raised chicken and eggs farm direct. Gary and Luann Casey run the farm, along with help from their neighbors and friends. 

For those of you who live in Honolulu, or just love fresh fruits and veggies, THERE IS A NEW FARMERS MARKET IN TOWN!!!! The Kaka'ako Farmer's Market is located in Ward Warehouse, on Saturday mornings 8-12 noon.